Welcome to H-DC Eleven



HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUB ELEVEN was founded by 11 friends riding Harleys together.
Friends who have hung out for years and finally decided to establish own club, which would unite people who hold similar values. 

This is how our club came into existence. It is based on friendship, freedom of viewpoints, and fascination with the motorcycle lifestyle. 

We all share the passion for Harley-Davidson and laidback driving.


Maybe our style is not for everyone, but for us it is everything...

We love, we live and we promote such a way of life.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUB ELEVEN associates riders full of passion,
enthusiasm, and ideas for the next few years of club's activity.

To us, brotherhood and shared ride is what makes us members of H-DC ELEVEN.


Why drive a car and only watch as the world zooms past you,
when you can ride Harley and be a part of this world?


Do you want to know more? Call, come or write: hdc.eleven@gmail.com

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